Dedicated Remote BPO Services

Building a dedicated outsourced IT support team in Ukraine offers flexibility, cost-efficiency, scalability, and numerous additional features that enhance the performance, productivity, and profitability of your business. Open up a new arena of business opportunities catalyzed by the potential of BPO Ukraine outsourcing services.

High-Quality BPO Ukraine Services

We are one of the most professional-level service providers based in Ukraine. We provide enterprises across all countries in the world with the helpdesk BPO team building and recruitment services. We help businesses to benefit from the potentials of recruitment process outsourcing by providing them highly skilled and experienced specialists in customer support, helpdesk, marketing and lead generation, virtual assistance, data annotation, and other recruitment services.

Our specialized recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services are professionally carved to fully match the requirements of our clients and provide numerous value-added features:
– We recruit the right resource for the right job with full confidence
– Help bridge technological and expertise gaps properly
– Reduce operational cost significantly
– Improve customer support and helpdesk quality tremendously
– Support businesses to grasp maximum business opportunities
– Speed up the turnaround time (TAT) for technical support
– Increase the user experience and customer satisfaction
– Enhance both customer loyalty and conversion rate
– Improve business bottom lines substantially
– Expands business productivity and efficiency

Top Remote Customer Support Services

Our expert team specializes in hiring dedicated customer support specialists for building highly professional teams for remote helpdesk support and related services. We are able to provide our domain-specific remote hiring services for a wide range of categories in the field of business process outsourcing (BPO) services:

We help our clients in building dedicated teams for remote reception services, technical support services, offshore marketing support, and many other services simultaneously. Our company also hires individual remote virtual assistant, technical representative, and other roles to offer the following services:

Build Remote Customer Support Team

Telephone Answering Services

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you’re running into the same obstacles over and over again? Many of my conflicts have the same feel to them, like “Hey, I think I’ve been here before,The dedicated remote team built by our focused RPO staffing service can handle different types of telephone answering services such as inbound calls, outbound calls, and other types of customized voice services for responding to customer queries and questions. They specialize in polite communication, proactive approach, and tolerant behavior so that the customers get the desirable response from the customer representatives and other help desk staff. They follow all standard practices that maintain the quality of communication and transparent response to customers and get proper feedback from the customers for bringing improvements in the support process.

Live Chat Outsourcing

Customer support services use a live chatting channel for handling and responding to the queries and questions of the customers in real-time. This mode has become so attractive that almost every online website in the field of eCommerce, retail, SaaS, and others are using live chatting as the most common channel for handling customer queries. The support staff hired by our remote talent sourcer team can provide highly professional-grade live chat support to the customers using any type of service or product of our clients. They handle the entire process in compliance with the industry standards accepted in the marketplace.

Email Customer Support Services

Email customer support services are extensively used in modern communication due to the simplicity and effectiveness of this mode of communication. The customer support staff hired through our professional-level recruitment service can handle customer support through email with highly customized and personalized responses to create a great user experience. We hire well-versed support staff with highly effective interpersonal communication skills through emails to handle written communication properly and respond accordingly.

Remote Tech Support

Our specialists hire dedicated web designer, technical support engineers, and IT specialists in the field of remote technical support. They are highly skilled and qualified in both technical support as well as communication skills so that customers get the most desirable technical response from our technical support team. The teams hired by us provide a complete technical solution suitable for technical support domains. They provide helpful responses to all queries and questions of the customers falling in different technical support levels such as level-1, level-2, and level-3.

Social Media Customer Support

Social media plays a very vital role in modern businesses. A large number of purchases originate from the social media platforms due to the reliable nature of those platforms. To capture the available business potential in social media platforms, enterprises hire social media customer support representatives to help the potential as well as the loyal customers in reaching out the right products/services. The social media support team we hire helps our clients to further their respective business goals through high quality social media support and guidance.

Customer Support for All Other Channels

The modern customer support teams use numerous standard and customized customer relationship management tools and collaboration platforms in the field of customer support services. The customer support staff hired by our virtual IT recruiter team is highly capable of handling all those modern collaborative and CRM platforms for providing the high-class customer support to our clients. We hire specialists with certification in certain CRM platforms and online services such as Salesforce CRM, Zendesk, Slack, JIRA, and many others.

Dedicated Marketing and Lead Gen Specialists

With the advent of the internet and modern web technologies, the shape of marketing and lead generation has changed drastically. The extensive use of remote marketing and lead generation in a wide range of channels and online sources has increased the importance of a dedicated team of marketing and lead generation specialists. To cater to the increased demand for the outsourced dedicated marketing teams, our company hires a wide range of roles such as remote content marketing manager, virtual marketer, remote content writer and others:

Hire Remote Marketing Expert

Full Stack Marketing Manager

Full stack marketing manager is the person that is able to accomplish all types of processes and activities required for a comprehensive marketing campaign. Startup recruiter agencies prefer to hire full stack marketing managers for startups to save cost on large team building. We hire highly expert digital marketing manager remote professional that can manage the following activities under his/her role: content marketing, email marketing, building marketing strategy, managing marketing campaigns, copywriting & video marketing, PPC marketing, data analytics and reporting, lifecycle marketing automation.

SEO Experts

Search engine optimization (SEO) experts are the people who use different techniques to optimize the performance and other parameters that help websites rank higher in the search engine listings. We hire SEO expert people that can handle numerous activities to get the website ranked high in search engine listings. Our team is also able to hire link builder professionals for white-hat backlinking. For building brand-value, we hire remote outreach specialist along with the SEO and link builder roles. The main advantages of using an effective SEO team are: higher listing in online searches, increased brand value of your service/product, better conversion ratio, increased sales, better outreach to stakeholders.

SMM Managers

Social media marketing or SMM managers are the roles that develop and monitor social media marketing strategy through properly devised marketing campaigns on the social media networks. We hire a professional remote SMM manager that can handle all SMM marketing processes effectively for our valued clients. Our virtual talent acquisition specialist team finds and hires highly qualified and skilled remote social media marketing managers that can help our clients manage their respective social media marketing campaigns effectively to achieve the desired business goals.

Affiliate Managers

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective methods of marketing in the modern digital world. An affiliate manager outreaches the affiliate marketers for hire to run an affiliate program. Our hiring services are focused to hire the most matching affiliate managers for our clients to help them achieve the desired targets of business. They are also experts at building new affiliate program, optimize the existing ones by adding certain features and values that can produce better business results.

Digital Marketers

Digital marketers perform a wide range of activities in the field of online marketing such as content marketing, content creation, cold call marketing, search engine optimization, mobile marketing, email marketing, and many others. We hire digital marketers for our clients to outsource email marketing and other activities for better results and lower cost. While hiring remote digital marketers, we focus on all major skills and expertise required in all major domains of digital marketing so that our client gets a perfect digital marketer to achieve the desired business bottom lines.

Lead Generation Specialists

Lead generation is the crux of modern digital marketing. A good lead generation specialist focuses on the right prospects through networking, interest groups, domain-specific events, emails, blogs, and website landing pages to generate the interested leads or prospects. The lead generation specialist remote professionals, which we hire for our clients, are very well-versed in all those skills and qualities to generate the most prospective clients through the digital platforms. Our domain-experts scrutinize and interview the most experienced and efficient lead generation specialists by using the industry expertise our team possesses.

Content Marketers

Content is king! It is a proven notion in the digital marketing field. Entire digital marketing is mostly influenced by the content marketing that includes text, audio, video, images, and others. Most of the modern marketing companies outsource UI UX design of landing pages for better outlook and hire content marketer remotely to create valuable videos, audios, and text content and send to the prospects. We hire highly skilled content marketers and associate roles for our clients in such a way that they can achieve numerous leads and better conversion rate.

Product Managers

The role of product manager is to identify the requirements of the customers/users and convert the requirements into a viable product or service with strategic objectives and entire development road-map. A good product manager is very crucial for maintaining the business viability in the modern competitive marketplace. We can hire a remote product manager for our client that can fulfill all of the above-mentioned responsibilities of a perfect product manager. Our hiring specialists are highly expert in recruiting the professionals that can accomplish the entire product development lifecycle by analyzing and scrutinizing the key skill sets of the candidates that make this happen.

Project Managers

A project manager is a very important role in the management of a long or short scale project. He/she has to steer the entire project team through major project phases such as initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, and closing. To complete all phases, a project manager has to develop, modify, implement, and monitor a wide range of activities specific to the domain of the project. Our company hires IT, engineering, software, and marketing project manager remote, and other specialists through a remote outsourcing model for our clients. Our team strongly focuses on the key expertise and experience of a project manager candidate before hiring. Our team ensures that the project manager that we hire qualifies for the requirements of the project consideration.

Other Specialists in Marketing

Digital marketing is a very vast domain that consists of so many activities performed by a wide range of marketing specialists. Our remote hiring team specializes in recruiting a large number of marketing roles:
– Marketing consultant
– Marketing analyst
– VP marketing
– Director marketing
– Chief marketing officer (CMO)
– Marketing coordinator
– Promotion manager
– And others

Back Office Outsourcing Support

Back-office outsourcing is the category of technical support, which is not customer facing in nature. These types of customer support services help improve the user experience by providing extra value-addition to brands or products. The back-office professionals we hire for our clients can provide the following services to our valued clients.

Outsource Back Office Support

Virtual Assistants

The virtual assistants that our company hires for our clients are highly skilled and professionally trained to accomplish a wide range of back-office activities. The most important services offered by the remote data entry clerk we hire include:
1) Data entry services. This service may include simple form filling, client record maintaining, customers orders and many other forms commonly used in administration or databases.
2) OCR outsourcing. Optical Character Recognition is a process of scanning and recognizing the characters and images. The remote assistant we hire can provide OCR services.
3) Photo editing services. Our client can outsource photo editing to the remote assistants we hire for them.
4) Document conversion & formatting. Formatting and conversion of documents from one format to other manual is handled professionally by the back-office staff we hire
5) MS office outsourcing. Any work with the MS office software can easily be outsourced remotely to the support staff we hire for you.

HR Services

The expert professionals that our remote recruiter specialist team hires for remote process management in the field of HR services can include the following:
– Initiating, implementing, and monitoring the entire recruiting process
– Sourcing the suitable candidates matching with the client requirements and role description
– Researching on a wide range of candidates for their suitability for the company
– Handling all processes of application processing required for outsourcing
– Onboarding and managing the human resources remotely
– And many others 

Remote Data Annotation Services

Data annotation services are very crucial in modern software applications based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The data annotation is a process in which different forms of data such as text, images, video, audio, and other types are marked with certain marking techniques. The outsourcing document conversion and formatting also plays an effective role in building deep learning datasets for machine learning. The remote data annotator and data labeler professionals that we hire in the data annotation category provide the following services.

Hire Remote Data Annotator

Image Annotation

Image annotation is a process in which the images used in the artificial intelligence (AI) applications are annotated or labeled to form an effective training data set for the software and machines. It uses numerous types of techniques such as 2D bounding box, polygon annotation, semantic segmentation, cuboidal annotation, and others. The staff we hire in the category of data annotation services are expert in accomplishing image annotation processes by using all of the above-mentioned data labeling AI techniques. We hire highly skilled and trained specialists for building remote dedicated teams for providing faster and reliable image annotation services.

Text Processing

Text processing is another very important process that is extensively used in the machine learning and artificial intelligence domain, especially in the modern AI-powered software applications. In this process, the unstructured text in different databases and documents is streamlined into structured and normalized text by using different techniques such as text annotation, text mining, and others. The data mining and processing makes the random and unorganized data suitable for analysis through software tools powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques. The outsourced professionals for text processing and mining services we hire for our valued clients can provide highly expert services with greater speed and accuracy.

Video and Audio Annotation

Video has become a major part of all major business processes as well as the modern improvement of the modern technologies in automotive, travels, transportation, and other industries. All major business processes such as marketing, education, training, entertainment, sales, and many others are highly influenced by the impact of video and audio data. The implementation of video annotation and audio annotation play a very pivotal role in the development of modern software applications and tools powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Numerous methods are used for video annotation such as continuous frame method, frame by frame technique, and others. The main techniques used in the video annotation include cuboidal annotation, 2G boxes, polygon annotation, and others. The audio annotation process consists of speech recognition, audio tags, emotion recognition, transcription, and other activities. The data annotation professionals that we hire for our clients can provide perfect services of audio and video annotations.

Data Anonymization

Data anonymization is a process of hiding the critical data of the users, customers, and other stakeholders from unwanted access. This process is primarily adopted for maintaining the privacy of the users and stakeholders by either deleting or replacing with dummy information. In the modern era, the importance of data anonymization has increased significantly due to the involvement of personal and private data in online transactions. The most commonly used techniques for data anonymization in the today’s world include:
– Data generalization
– Pseudonymization of data
– Data masking
– Data perturbation
– Data swapping, etc.
The professionals we hire for the data annotation services are highly qualified, trained, skilled to handle all those data anonymization processes and techniques perfectly to provide great results to our valued clients.  

Speech Recognition

Speech recognition applications have become such important capabilities that have been embedded with numerous modern systems and web environments. The speech recognition applications use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies. The machines are made to understand the input data through input training data sets. Those data sets are formed with the help of speech recognition process consists of the following activities:
– Acoustics training of parameters like volume, pitch, ambient noise, and others
– Speech labeling through speech tags and cites
– Language weighing of the spoken words
– Filtering of profanity in speech
The team web hire for our clients offers the capabilities to accomplish all activities required for the speech recognition service with greater accuracy and speed.

Other Services

The professionals we hire for our clients to provide data annotation services remotely can provide many other data labeling, data processing, and data management services. They are fully dedicated to the assigned tasks for a particular company to work on numerous other services related to data annotation and management. A few of them include:
– Sentiment annotation of video and audio
– Intent annotation of speech
– Data storage and management
– And other related functions

If you are looking to build a remote helpdesk support team, get in touch with us and learn more about our professional-level BPO services in Ukraine now!

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