Remote Back Office Support Teams

How Your Project May Benefit from Back Office Support Outsourcing

There are a lot of behind-the-scenes administrative tasks that businesses need to deal with to keep their operations functioning well. These back office tasks are usually repetitive, time-consuming and expensive but are absolutely necessary. One alternative to hiring in-house staff is to use back office outsourcing services to handle these types of jobs. Here are some of the ways back office outsourcing can benefit your project:

  • Lower expenses: one of the biggest reasons companies outsource office staff is to lower expenses. When you hire a virtual assistant online through an outsourcing company, the salary will generally be substantially less than hiring in-house staff. You will also be eliminating associated costs like training, office space, equipment, insurance, paid vacations and many other expenses.
  • Experience and expertise: using back office support services gives you access to skilled professionals who are experienced in performing the tasks assigned to them. You won’t have to spend time and money training staff to perform these jobs.
  • Managed risk: if an in-house employee resigns it can disrupt your operations and will increase the workload on other staff until they can be replaced. Not only that but you will also have to spend time and money hiring and training their replacement. With outsourced administrative services operations in your business will continue without any interruptions or additional expenses.
  • Scalability: requirements can change quickly for a business and you may find it necessary to add staff on short notice. It could take weeks or even months to find the right person for the job locally. However, when outsourcing office services you can quickly add qualified personnel to your team.

Back Office Support Services Our Specialists Can Provide

There are a variety of different services the back office support specialists we hire for you can provide. Here are some of the services the on demand virtual assistant hired through our company can provide:

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Data Processing Outsourcing

Most businesses today handle large amounts of data, even in smaller companies. Data processing involves extracting the information you need from different sources and putting it into a format that is easy to understand. Our data processing outsourcing service can provide you with high-quality, experienced specialists who have the skills to handle all your data processing needs. Some of the tasks they can perform include the validation of data sets and converting data into a form that is machine-readable. They will manage the collection, conversion and organization of your data as well as its storage so that you can easily retrieve the data when you need it in a form that is easily understood.

Data Entry Services

Data entry is a time-consuming task but must often be rushed as it is required for essential business operations such as updating databases or preparing invoices. When you outsource data entry through our company you get the services of skilled and experienced specialists who are both fast and accurate. Tasks that can be handled by our data entry experts include product data entry, survey data entry, raw data conversion and data input, offline data entry services, invoice data entry, Excel spreadsheet data entry and more. We also offer image data entry services that include image keying and indexing, database files creation from images and image storage and retrieval among others.

Conversion Services

Data conversion is the modifying of the existing format of data into a different format that is more usable. Our file conversion services use skilled and experienced experts experienced with different data conversion software to convert your data and files into the format you require. The conversion specialists we provide can perform a number of different conversion services including converting a variety of different formats into HTML and XML formats. Document digitization is also available which is the conversion of paper documents to a digital format such as text, HTML, XML, XLS or some other format. Similarly, we have the capability to convert printed books into various e-book formats. We also provide PDF conversion services including converting non-PDF file to PDF and converting PDF files to different formats. Our conversion services are fast and extremely accurate and can be customized to fit your requirements.

Image/Photo Editing

High-quality images can help improve your marketing efforts. When you outsource photography editing through our company our specialists will follow your style guide to ensure the finished product fulfills your needs. Our photo editing outsourcing services include photo retouching services to correct potential issues or improve the image clarity, photo enhancement services such as adjustments to the brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness of an image and photo manipulation services like photo blending and photo morphing. Services also include cropping and editing photos to ensure your images are specific dimensions or to remove unwanted elements. In addition, our photo editing experts can provide 360-degree panorama stitching as well as image masking to isolate an object in an image from the background. Whatever your photo editing needs, our specialists can handle the job.

Market Research Outsourcing

Market research is the collecting of information about marketing needs and preferences and affects every aspect of a business. It helps you to understand your target audience and is an essential guide when making marketing decisions. Our market research outsourcing services can provide you with well-qualified specialists experienced in various types of market research in a variety of industries. Services our outsourcing research experts can provide include questionnaire design, primary data collection, customer satisfaction surveys using email lists, product effectiveness analysis, brand awareness research and competitor analysis, market profiling, market sizing and market segmentation and others. 

Document Formatting Services

Document formatting affects how content appears in your document and can include style, layout, headings, fonts, color scheme and more. Our document formatting services will give all your documents a professional appearance. Some of the tasks our formatting specialists can perform include document type formatting, document data rephrasing, content formatting, page layout formatting and styles and font editing. We work with a variety of document types such as Word, Excel, image files, PDF documents, HTML documents and most other types of documents. The document formatting specialists we hire are well qualified, have extensive experience and are both fast and accurate. They will quickly format your documents to precisely meet your specifications.

Content Moderation Services

Content moderation is important to protect your brand image and your business. It involves monitoring user-generated content on your business website and social media channels and reviewing that content against a set of rules to determine if the content should be allowed.  The specialists our content moderation services provide will work to eliminate things like profanity, pornography, copyright infringements, spam, abuse and other undesirable user-generated content from your website and social media channels to maintain your brand and business reputation. Services our specialists provide include website moderation, image and video moderation, forum moderation, social media moderation, profile moderation, profanity filtering and community moderation and management. Moderation services are available 24/7 on multiple platforms to eliminate detrimental and objectionable content before it can harm your business.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Services

OCR processing is a form of data entry for converting paper documents to a digital format. Sometimes the use of paper documents is necessary but by converting them to a digital format they can be stored, accessed and edited much easier when necessary. Our OCR specialists can provide your business with high-quality optical character recognition services for many types of documents such as forms, invoices, receipts, newspapers and many others. Services include OCR document scanning and OCR document conversion to convert your OCR data into other file types. We also offer OCR clean-up services. Sometimes errors occur during OCR scanning due to the content of the paper document not being clear. Our clean-up service corrects misread characters by comparing the original documents with the OCR file ensuring 100% accuracy.

Backlog Management

It isn’t uncommon for a company to fall behind in their backlog. Using your requirements as a guide our backlog management service will organize and prioritize all of the items in your backlog to ensure the most important tasks head your to-do list. Having a well-organized backlog will help your operation run more efficiently and prevent slowdowns or stoppages when priority tasks are overlooked.

Other Back Office Support Services

In addition to the services already discussed there are other back office support services our specialists can provide. Our PowerPoint outsourcing service can assist you with PowerPoint presentations and design. If you have numerous smaller administrative tasks our remote secretary service may be what you need. Whatever your back office support needs, we have a specialist who can handle the job.

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Why Partner with Our Company for Staffing Your Back Office Support Team

There are plenty of options for businesses to choose from when looking for an outstaffing company to hire back office support personnel. Why should you use our company to staff your back office support team? Here are a few of the reasons for partnering with our company to build your back office support team:

  • We find staff that meet your time requirements: nobody wants to hire back office support just to have them sit around. We are flexible and provide back office support specialists based on your specifications. You can hire the experts you need on a part-time, full-time or by-the project basis.
  • Full understanding of the local marketplace: our recruiters know precisely where to find you the right hires from Ukraine.
  • Highly experienced specialists: our company only hires back office support specialists of the highest caliber. They are highly skilled and have extensive experience in diverse industries so no time needs to be spent on training.
  • We work closely with you: we ensure that we fully understand what your true requirements are and will not waste your time with staff that do not meet your needs. We can quickly add the specialists you need without having to spend weeks looking for people with the required qualifications.
  • Staff you can trust to deliver: you need a team you can depend on and our back office support experts have proven experience you can rely on to deliver a project right through to the end.

Our process for hiring back office support staff is effective and consists of the following steps:

  1. Provide us with your requirements: we talk to you via Skype or telephone to determine your specific back office support requirements.
  2. Candidate selection: the resumes of the most suitable back office support specialists matching your requirements are forwarded to you.
  3. Conduct interviews: you conduct interviews of your preferred candidates by Skype or video conference. You may administer a test to assist you in your final decision if you prefer.
  4. Final preparations: we establish a workflow and settle on a starting date. Once the service agreement is signed everything is good and ready to go.

In addition to back office support teams we can provide other BPO services such as recruitment process outsourcing and remote data annotation services.

Benefits of Working with Back Office Support Specialists from Ukraine

Ukraine has become a top outsourcing destination and is one of the best choices for back office support specialists. So what benefits are there working with back office support experts from Ukraine? 

  • Language skills: most Ukrainian back office support staff are fluent in English and many of them speak several other languages as well.
  • Up to date skill sets: Ukraine has a large number of high quality colleges and universities. Back office support specialists from Ukraine are well educated and in addition have experience in many different industries.
  • Highly experienced: staff have years experience working for different clients as outsourcing specialists.
  • Cost-effective: salaries for back office support specialists in Ukraine are much lower than those in Western Europe and North America due to the low cost of living. At the same time the level of expertise is high so Ukrainian back office support professionals offer a great price to quality ratio.
  • Easy to work with: the culture in Ukraine is similar to that in many Western countries as well as having only an hours time difference to much of Europe. They share the same work ethics which makes them easy to work with.

To keep your business operations running smoothly contact us to learn more about our back office support services!