Remote Customer Support Teams

Benefits of CS Outsourcing

It has become a common practice for businesses to hire remote customer support rather than in-house staff. Customer support as a service offers a lot of benefits to your company. Some of the advantages when you hire customer support overseas include:

  • Access to a large and well-qualified talent pool: it can be difficult to find the customer support you need locally. BPO services give you access to a much larger talent pool of well qualified customer support agents with experience in a wide variety of fields and industries.
  • Less expensive: typically the salary for a virtual customer service representative is much less than that for staff that you hire locally. In addition you will eliminate many of the expenses that come with hiring in-house staff such as office space, equipment, paid vacations and holidays among others.
  • Flexibility: a business’s requirements can change quickly with little notice. Outsourcing provides the option for on demand customer support so if your needs change you can quickly and easily add additional support staff on short notice.
  • Around-the-clock support: by outsourcing you can provide 24/7 support services to your customers so they can immediately get the assistance they need rather than having to wait for regular office hours.

These are just a few of the many advantages of hiring third-party customer service such as our company offers for your business. 

Customer Support Services Staff We Hire Can Provide

Our company provides omnichannel customer support customized to fit your business’s particular needs and requirements. The front line customer service personnel we hire are well-qualified and skilled professionals. Customer support services our staff can provide include:

remote customer support services

Telephone Answering Service

We provide a virtual phone answering service that will handle your incoming calls in a professional manner following your guidelines and instructions. It is extremely important that both customer calls and business calls to your company be handled properly. The outsourced phone support personnel we provide are skilled and experienced in a variety of fields and industries and bilingual staff is available if required. Some of the duties our telephone answering service may perform include taking messages, handling complaints, transferring calls, making follow up calls and providing information to clients. After hours phone service is provided so there is always somebody available to provide help to your customers.

Live Chat Customer Support

Live chat support services are extremely popular with many people and are often the preferred channel to contact customer support. You can hire live chat agents to provide support 24/7 so your customers can immediately get the assistance they require without having to wait for an email response. The website chat support staff we provide will always conduct themselves in a professional manner and follow your scripts and guidelines. Support staff hired through our company can handle anything from basic queries up to highly technical questions in a variety of fields and industries. We are able to provide customer support agents who speak a variety of different languages in addition to English if you have customers in other countries than your own. Support teams can be customized to fit your specific requirements and service includes providing chat logs to ensure transparency. Our live chat specialists are also able to work with any chat software.

Email Support Services

It is all too easy to get buried in a pile of emails when you have customer queries hitting your inbox every day and once you fall behind it is almost impossible to catch up. Outsourcing email services through our company will ensure all your customers receive a prompt and professional reply. A remote email support specialist from our company can manage your email correspondence for you. They can respond to customer emails on your behalf following your guidelines and requirements. An email support team can be tailored to fit your specific needs and provide responses to anything from generic inquiries to tech support via email. Email support services can also escalate requests when necessary; extract and store email data and perform multiple other email-related tasks.

Social Media Outsourcing

For many businesses today social media plays a major role in both marketing and customer service. However, it can be difficult and time-consuming to keep up with multiple social media accounts. One option is to outsource social media management through our company. We can tailor social media customer service solutions to meet your specific needs and requirements. Our social media specialists can provide you with a variety of services including content creation, marketing campaigns and of course, customer support. A large percentage of people today use social media to reach out to businesses with questions and complaints and failure to respond quickly is bad for your company image. A social media specialist from our company will ensure all customer questions and complaints are responded to quickly and professionally following the guidelines you set.

Nearshore Call Center Services

A nearshore call center can provide a variety of services to the same or similar time zone to your own. Our nearshore call center covers both inbound and outbound services. Omnichannel support is available and aside from inbound and outbound phone call services, we can provide email support, live chat and more. We offer 24/7 customer support to ensure a fast response time. Other services include lead generation and qualification, sales order processing, appointment setting and more. Our services can be customized to fit your specific needs and requirements. Many of our specialists are multilingual so we are able to provide support in a variety of languages to better serve your customers.

Inbound Call Services

Inbound call services generally deal with customers who have initiated contact.  Our inbound call agents are skilled and experienced with backgrounds in a variety of industries. They will handle incoming calls following your scripts and guidelines. Some of the services they can provide include help desk services, payment and order processing, product support, order processing and customer support. We can provide 24/7 support to ensure a timely response to your customers questions and problems. Multilingual support is also available. Some people may confuse inbound call services with telephone answering services because of the name but in today’s business environment that is not the case. In addition to handling inbound phone calls our inbound call services include remote chat and email support so that your customers can get assistance through multiple channels. When you want your customers to receive a quick response outsourcing inbound call services through our company is the way to go.  

Cold Calling Outsourcing

Cold calling is when you contact people or businesses who haven’t previously expressed an interest in your business or what it has to offer. Despite that, it is still an effective method for generating leads and getting new customers if done effectively. If you are looking for cold callers for hire we can assist you. You can outsource cold calling services through our company to provide leads and set appointments for your sales teams. The cold calling specialists we provide are skilled professionals and have experience in many different industries. We offer B2B lead generation and appointment setting as well as B2C lead generation and appointment setting. Our cold calling experts can work from your scripts or can develop scripts for you.  Cold calling services include lead nurturing services to cultivate prospective customers who aren’t currently ready to buy but have exhibited an interest in doing so in the future. In addition, our specialists qualify leads to ensure that your sales team will be talking to the right people and that have a genuine interest in your product or service.

Other Customer Support Services

In addition to those already discussed we can provide a number of other customer support services including eCommerce support, SaaS support, outsourced receptionist service and more.

Industries We Provide Customer Service Staffing for

We provide customer support services in a wide variety of fields. Here are some of the industries we can set up dedicated customer support teams for:

omnichannel customer support for different industries
  • IT: we provide a full range of customer support solutions in the Information Technologies industry using skilled CS agents with experience. Services include responding to customer inquiries, providing technical support and order taking among other things.
  • Financial services: our specialists can provide businesses in the financial services industry with a full range of customer support services including live chat support, inbound and outbound call services and more.
  • eCommerce and retail: provide superior customer support services to your ecommerce/retail customers using our outsourcing service Our professional customer support agents will provide the service you need across multiple channels including order taking, responding to customer inquiries, sales calls and much more.
  • Healthcare: a full range of customer support services across multiple channels provided by experienced professional CS agents is available through our company. Services include healthcare surveys, 24/7 medical answer services, scheduling services and a variety of others.
  • Marketing and advertising: receive omnichannel customer support for your marketing and advertising related business from our experienced professional CS agents. We can provide everything from phone answering services, answering customer questions, order taking, lead generation and more.
  • Telecommunications: we offer customer support services to a variety of businesses in the telecommunications industry such as cable companies, mobile network operators and many others. Responding to customer inquiries, order taking, tech support, subscriber upgrades and lead generation are just a few of the telecommunication customer support services we offer.
  • Logistics and transportation: get a full range of omnichannel customer support for your logistics and transportation business. Some of the services our agents can provide include responding to customer inquiries and issues, booking services, tracking services, market rate quoting to name just a few.
  • Other industries: aside from those industries already discussed our company can provide customer support for many other industries including SaaS, travel and hospitality and many others.

Why Choose Us for Customer Support Outsourcing

Many different companies provide customer support outsourcing services. With all the different options available why should you choose our company? Here are a few of the reasons that make us a good choice to provide your customer support outsourcing needs.

  • Local knowledge: we know how to find the most skilled customer support specialists for your company and have extensive experience in many different industries. Every customer support specialist has been vetted by us to verify their qualifications.
  • Speed of hiring: we find the customer support specialists you need based on your specific requirements quickly as we know precisely where to look.
  • Staff match your requirements: the customer support specialists we select have proven experience and can be depended on to provide the services you need. We spend time to ensure you only get staff that match your needs.
  • Quick growth: we understand that your needs and requirements can change with little notice. You can quickly and easily scale up your customer support team with our service without spending weeks or months looking for qualified personnel.
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How We Recruit Dedicated Customer Support Agents

The procedure we use to recruit dedicated customer support agents for your team consists of a few simple steps.

  1. Provide us with your requirements: we talk to you via Skype or telephone to determine your specific customer support requirements.
  2. Candidate selection: the resumes of the most suitable customer support agents matching your requirements are forwarded to you for your review.
  3. Conduct interviews: you conduct interviews of your preferred candidates by Skype or video conference. If you like you may administer a test to assist you in your final decision.
  4. Final preparations: we establish a workflow and determine a starting date. Once the service agreement is signed everything is set and ready to go.

In addition to customer support services, we offer a number of other BPO services including IT support outsourcing, marketing support teams and more.

To provide the assistance your customers need, contact us to learn more about our remote customer support services!