Remote Marketing Teams

Why You Should Set Up a Remote Marketing Team

An ever-increasing number of businesses have come to depend on digital marketing as a way to promote their products. At the same time, internet marketing has become more complex and requires specialists with expertise in different digital marketing channels. Finding the qualified specialists to put together a good in-house marketing team can be time-consuming and expensive. As an alternative, your business can build a remote team by using outsourced online marketing services. Advantages of setting up a remote marketing team include:

  • Cost-effective: the salary for a remote virtual marketing assistant can be significantly less than hiring locally and translates to big savings when you multiply that times the salaries for an entire team. You will also eliminate associated costs like equipment, office space, insurance, paid holidays and other expenses.
  • Larger talent pool: when you outsource sales and marketing you have access to skilled and experienced digital marketing specialists from all over the world enabling you to assemble a better team than you could if hiring locally.
  • Fewer training requirements: as you are dealing with experienced professionals a minimal amount of training is required. They will need information about your business but other training won’t be required.
  • Scalability: a company’s marketing needs can change on short notice. Using an outsourcing/outstaffing service allows you to scale up your marketing team quickly.

These are just a few of the reasons for building a remote marketing team using a staffing company like ours.

Marketing Professionals We Can Hire for Your Project

There are a variety of specialists in the field of digital marketing. Here are some of the internet marketing professionals we can find and hire for your project.

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Full Stack Marketing Manager

A full stack marketing manager has knowledge of every aspect of digital marketing. When you hire full time digital marketer whose experience and skills cover the entire marketing stack they aren’t necessarily an expert in every aspect of digital marketing. However they will have expertise in several areas and a solid understanding and proficiency in other areas. A full stack virtual marketer hired through our company will be familiar with social media marketing, copywriting, PPC, email marketing, SEO and more. When smaller businesses hire internet marketer staff, full stack marketers are a good choice as they can fulfill several roles such as providing lead gen services, content writing and social media marketing. Full stack marketers are also a good choice to head up teams as they have a good idea how all the marketing channels work. 

SEO Experts (SEO Managers, Link Builders and Outreach Marketers)

When you hire dedicated SEO expert personnel through our company they fall into several categories. The remote SEO manager we provide will develop and implement a variety of strategies to make your website more visible to search engines like Google and Bing. They will perform keyword research for website content, track and analyze website analytics and many other functions. If you hire SEO specialist in link building you get a more specific set of skills. The main focus of link building services is to acquire high-quality back-links to relevant sites. They perform back-link audits, competitor analysis to find back-linking opportunities and look for unlinked brand/product mentions among other things. The job of an outreach marketer is also to increase back-links to your site and they often work with link builders. They identify potential back-link opportunities and provide blogger outreach services in order to convince publishers/ websites to accept content with links. These guest posting services are a good way to build relationships with relevant websites, increase back-links, generate more traffic and rank higher in search engine results. Regardless of the remote SEO experts you hire through our company, you are assured of receiving high quality and affordable search engine optimization services.

Content Marketing Managers

A remote content manager is responsible for all of your business’s content across all mediums including audio, video and text. Some of the services you receive when you outsource content marketing through us include an analysis of existing content, development and implementation of content marketing plans and content monitoring and analysis to see what is working. Our content marketing specialists are familiar with a variety of content management systems and website analytics tools as well as different content sharing platforms.  

Content Writers and Editors

A good remote content writer will attract more visitors to your site, improve brand awareness and SEO, guide customers through your sales funnel and ultimately help you increase your sales. Blog posts, copywriting, social media posts and emails are just some of the types of writing our content writers can produce. We have writers and editors with knowledge of a variety of industries to ensure you get well-written and relevant content.

Product Marketing Managers

The job of a remote product marketing manager is to develop strategies for introducing a particular product to the marketplace as well as promoting and selling the product.  Product managers identify the product’s market through research and develop a plan to convey the features and benefits of the product to the intended audience in order to increase demand. Services you will receive from our product marketing specialists include developing market segmentation so different groups can be targeted more effectively, creating positioning statements, proof points and messaging for marketing materials and analyzing sales data and other information so adjustments can be made to the marketing plan.

Project Managers

A business will hire a virtual project manager to oversee fixed projects such as marketing campaigns from beginning to end. Outsourcing project management services through our company provides you with a specialist who will plan and implement marketing projects and ensure the completion of all related tasks. Our project managers will determine the necessary tasks to achieve project goals, monitor the project execution by collecting and analyzing data and comparing it to established metrics, report on the project’s progress and analyze the final outcome after the project is completed.

Affiliate Managers

Apopular method used by many businesses to obtain leads and sell their products is affiliate marketing. You can hire affiliate marketers including managers through our company. The online affiliate marketing services our specialists can provide include recruiting and onboarding new affiliates, providing affiliate support, monitoring affiliates and tracking affiliate metrics and KPIs to determine if any changes need to be made to the program. Our affiliate specialists can also assume responsibility for affiliate creatives such as graphics, banners, pre-written copy email templates, landing pages and product images.

SMM Managers

With social media playing an ever-expanding role in digital marketing many companies are looking for a social media marketer for hire. When you hire a social media manager through our company they will use their expertise to help you develop a good SMM strategy to market your product/services as well as select the best platforms. Our specialists are familiar with many different social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. They will make posts to your SMM accounts, respond to comments, track and analyze metrics and refine your target audience. In addition they can track and analyze your competitor’s social media accounts to see what is working for them and if it can be incorporated into your social media strategy.

Brand Marketing Managers

The reason you hire a brand marketing manager is so they can develop an overall brand strategy for your company’s target market. Services our brand marketing specialists can provide include determining brand goals, brand positioning to distinguish you from your competitors, brand promotion, brand monitoring and brand design.

Email Marketing Managers

If you are looking for email marketing help for hire we can help. We provide offshore email marketing specialists who can provide you with a variety of services. Our email marketing outsourcing services include developing and implementing email marketing campaigns, building and managing an email database, data analysis and email segmentation to target specific audiences

PPC Managers

A PPC specialist remote manager from our company can design and execute pay-per-click campaigns to generate leads and sales for your business. Our virtual assistant PPC specialist will select the appropriate media channels, perform keyword research and track and analyze campaigns to determine if adjustments are needed. Services include tracking and analyzing competitors PPC campaigns, landing page design and keeping up with SEO trends.

Other Marketing Experts

We are able to provide any type of digital marketing personnel you need. These include digital media buyer remote specialists, web designers, experts in qualified lead generation services and UI/UX designers. 

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Values We Offer for Our Clients to Hire a Ukraine Marketing Manager

We are a Ukraine digital marketing outsourcing company that provides all types of internet marketing specialists for businesses. There are certain values we are committed to, to ensure we provide the best possible service to our clients.

  • Only the best digital marketing specialists: we make it a point to thoroughly vet every specialist we hire to ensure clients receive the best qualified and most experienced marketing experts.
  • Provide what you want: every company has different needs and requirements. We customize marketing teams to meet your specific needs from providing the right specialists to working the hours you require.
  • Fast: we know you need your marketing team up and working sooner rather than later and will have the specialists you need in as short a time as possible.
  • Cost-effective: we offer affordable online marketing services that can translate to 50% to 60% savings on your marketing operational budget.

We use a simple but effective process for hiring marketing professionals who fit our client’s specific needs:

  1. Provide us with your requirements: we talk to you via Skype or telephone to determine the specific requirements of your marketing project.
  2. Candidate selection: the resumes of the most suitable marketing specialists matching your requirements are forwarded to you.
  3. Conduct interviews: you conduct interviews of your preferred candidates by Skype or video conference. If you like you may administer a test to assist you in your final decision.
  4. Final preparations: we establish a workflow and set a starting date. Once the service agreement is signed everything is set and ready to go.

Why Hire Ukrainian Marketing Professionals

Ukraine has been a top IT outsourcing destination for a number of years and is now also one of the most popular choices for digital marketing specialists. So what is it that makes Ukrainian marketing specialists so popular?

  • High level of expertise: Ukrainian marketing professionals are well educated and have experience in a variety of industries. They have a level of expertise on par with marketing professionals from any other country.
  • Communication: the majority of marketing professionals from Ukraine are proficient in English. In addition, many of them are fluent in several other languages as well.
  • Culture: the culture in Ukraine is a good fit with most Western countries. They share the same work ethics which makes them easy to work with.
  • Cost-effective: the cost of living in Ukraine is low which is reflected in salaries. The salary of a Ukraine marketing manager is generally 50% to 60% less than you would pay for equivalent expertise in Western Europe and North America providing an excellent price to quality ratio

Reasons to Choose Our Marketing Teams Staffing Company

There are many companies that offer marketing team staffing for businesses to select from. With so many options, why should you choose us? Here are a few of the things that make us stand out from other staffing companies:

  • Skills and experience: we only hire the best qualified and most experienced digital marketing specialists. They have experience in many different industries and are familiar with a wide variety of marketing tools and software so you won’t have to spend time training.
  • Reliable: our marketing professionals have proven experience and can be depended on to provide the services you require.
  • Scalability: in today’s business climate your needs can change quickly with little notice. With our service you can scale up quickly without wasting weeks or months looking for qualified people.
  • Flexible: hire the digital marketing specialists you need based on your requirements. We can provide marketing professionals on a full-time, part-time or by-the-project basis.

Aside from marketing teams, we provide a number of other BPO services including data annotation, back office support services and recruiting teams.

To build a first-rate digital marketing team, contact us to learn more about our online marketing services!