Remote Recruiting Teams

Advantages of a Remote Recruitment and HR Team for Your Project

Assembling a good tech team for your company is not an easy task. Finding the qualified specialists you need is difficult and time-consuming. Competition for skilled technical experts is fierce and you could spend months putting your team together. One option to consider is recruitment process outsourcing to acquire the technical personnel you need. An RPO staffing company can assume all of the responsibilities of your company’s tech talent acquisition and associated HR responsibilities or provide support for your in-house recruitment team. Some of the advantages of using outsourced recruiting services include: 

  • Lower recruiting costs: one of the biggest benefits of RPO services is that they are cost effective. They can scale their recruitment activities up or down based on your current hiring needs.  RPO providers streamline your recruiting process and fill vacant positions faster, increasing your productivity and reducing the amount of HR resources spent on finding candidates.
  • Better quality of candidates: an IT staff recruitment service puts in the time and energy and has the expertise to get quality tech talent to fill positions. They know how to find top IT talent and have good screening processes to ensure only the best tech specialists make the cut. The main focus of a RPO provider is to provide clients with high quality talent and they put all their resources into finding the right people with the qualifications you require.
  • Faster hires: an IT staffing company has access to talent pools and many contacts as well as knowledge of your industry enabling them to find the tech talent you need in a much shorter time than if you recruit using in-house staff. In addition a virtual talent acquisition specialist will screen all candidates to ensure you only see those that meet all requirements which saves you time.
  • Scalable: many companies experience highs and lows in their staffing requirements. IT RPO models are designed to be able to adjust to these ups and downs whether they are seasonal or occur for some other reason. IT staffer agencies can scale their recruitment teams up or down as needed so their clients only pay for what they get.

Range of Recruitment Services We Provide for Our Clients

Our company provides a full range of recruitment services for companies. Here are some of the services our remote recruiter agency can provide for our clients:

recruitment process outsourcing services

End-to-End Recruitment

End-to-end recruitment, sometimes referred to as full cycle, can cover every aspect of your talent acquisition strategy. It is usually a long-term solution that may cover multiple years. Components of end-to-end recruitment our virtual recruiters may provide include candidate attraction, job application processing, candidate screening, candidate assessments, interview scheduling, onboarding periods, compliance monitoring and exit interviews. Your company has the option to choose any of these services or can outsource all of them to us. 

On-Demand Recruitment

On-demand recruitment is called for when your company has a sudden increase in hiring needs. It deals with much the same components of the hiring process as end-to-end recruiting with the main differences being the time period covered. Typically on-demand recruiting covers a shorter time period of weeks or months to meet short-term hiring needs. Our service determines your requirements and immediately our specialists start recruiting. Once your staffing needs are fulfilled you can release the team and rehire them later if necessary.

Talent Management

Talent management deals with the attraction, recruitment and retention of your tech talent. Good talent management will help avoid turnover in your workforce and retain your best people. Our remote talent sourcer specialists will ensure a good fit between the candidate and your organization and identify potential high performers for the position using tools such as competency-based interviews and scorecards.

Employer Branding Service

The majority of people don’t want to work for a company that has a bad or non-existent employer brand. Our employer branding service will help identify what it is that makes your company unique and help promote it to prospective employees. 

Talent Advisory Solutions

Our talent advisory service applies analysis of skill sets, labor markets and economic factors so that you target potential tech recruits more effectively. Our specialists will establish benchmarks for key recruitment stages, identify areas of your recruitment strategy that are working well, determine areas that need improvement and work with you to improve your talent acquisition strategy.

Other Recruitment Services

We offer a number of other recruitment services including workforce planning, compliance and risk management and strategic sourcing among others.

Range of HR Services We Can Provide for Our Clients

Our HR outsourcing services can save you time and lower your expenses while providing a better quality of service. Here are some of the outsourced HR services we can provide to our clients.

HR Strategic Consulting

Our HR consulting services will work with you to develop the best remote HR solutions to help meet your company goals. Services include identifying areas of your HR processes that need improvement, developing strategies to help you in meeting your goals, executing the developed strategies and evaluating results

HR Administration

There are many day-to-day administration tasks that HR takes care of. As an HR services provider we can assume these tasks for you. Some of the remote HR services we can provide include new hire onboarding, benefits administration, HR compliance and performance management. Outsourcing exit interviews and employee offboarding are also among the services we offer.  Whether you need to hire a remote human resources manager to oversee administration or an entire dedicated HR department to manage your HR administration tasks our company can provide what you need.

HR Employee Services

HR employee services are intended to provide assistance to employees. When you outsource HR employee services through our company we can handle many of the common issues that employees have such as questions about benefits, pay, employee leave and other concerns. We provided dedicated human resource staffing using skilled and experienced professionals. You can also hire HR manager to oversee staff and deal with more complex issues.

Other HR Services

We provide a wide range of HR services that we will customize to fit your specific requirements. Regardless of your HR requirements, we can provide the service you need. 

Industries Our Virtual Recruiters Serve

Our company provides recruiting teams in a variety of fields. The following are some of the industries that we serve:

industries our remote recruiter serve


MarTech stands for marketing technology. Marketing today uses a wide range of tools and software referred to as the marketing stack. Your marketing recruitment requirements should include hiring a MarTech technologist familiar with the marketing stack which includes a content management system (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM) software and the other tools in your stack. There is currently a big demand for MarTech specialists and finding qualified experts can be difficult and time-consuming. Our MarTech recruiters can assist your company with finding and hiring a marketing technologist who has the skills and experience to manage your marketing stack. The technical talent sourcer we provide has experience in the industry and knows where to find the talent you need and what it will take to get them on board.


EdTech is a combination of hardware, software and educational theory into a package that provides better learning experiences for students. The EdTech sector has created a demand for programming skills such as HTML5, JavaScript, Ruby, Node.JS, C# and others. In addition, data science skills with background in R, Python, SQL and data visualization are sought after. Other talent being recruited in EdTech includes UX design and cyber security. Our EdTech recruiting specialists are familiar with the industry and the required skills. They have the contacts and access to the talent pools to find the EdTech specialists you need.


FinTech is basically any technology that delivers financial services using software and includes online banking, investment apps, cryptocurrency, mobile payment apps, online lenders and many other financial services. The scope of skills currently in demand in the FinTech industry include machine learning, AI and deep learning and a number of programming languages such as Python, C++ and Java. Blockchain and distributed ledger experts are also highly sought after as are cyber security specialists. Our FinTech recruiters can find the financial technology specialists you need that meet your specific needs using their access to talent pools and knowledge of the industry to locate well-qualified and experienced professionals.


There is always a big demand for IT skills in the telecom industry. Cloud computing, a wide range of programming languages and familiarity with different types of networks such as WAN, LAN, MAN and WLAN are just some of the technical skills companies are looking for. The telecom recruiters we provide have extensive experience in the industry and can find the telecom specialists you need for your telecom project. 


BioTech is another industry where IT solutions are needed. BioTech recruiters from our company can find the qualified professionals you need to implement and maintain software programs that allow BioTech firms to streamline their workflow and increase efficiency. Cloud computing expertise and cyber security are also in high demand. A virtual headhunter from our company can recruit the IT specialist you need for your BioTech and life sciences projects.


eCommerce is growing by leaps and bounds creating a growing demand for specialists in the industry. An eCommerce recruiter from our company can find the specialists you need for webstore setup, integrating eCommerce platforms with your website, testing the performance of your eCommerce store and making improvements, digital marketing automation, eCommerce store maintenance and much more. The virtual IT recruiter you hire through us knows where to locate the eCommerce specialists you need to fulfill all of your requirements.

Other Technology Startups

We can provide startup recruiters for a variety of technology startups. Our company offers AdTech recruiters, PropTech recruitment, InsurTech recruiting and more.

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7 Values Our IT Staffing Company Offers Our Clients

There are many reasons our company stands out from other IT staffing firms. Hers our 7 advantages of working with our company:

  1. Skills and experience: our IT recruiters have extensive experience in diverse industries and possess the skills and knowledge to find and recruit top IT specialists.
  2. Cost-effective: the salaries for IT recruitment specialists we provide are less than those in Western Europe and North America for an equivalent level of skills and experience. In addition associated costs such as office space and other expenses are assumed by us.
  3. Flexible: we adjust to meet your recruitment needs based on your requirements. Our recruitment teams are customized to meet your specific needs.
  4. Fast: our IT recruiters have access to a large talent pool and will substantially cut the time it takes to find and hire your IT specialists.
  5. Communication: the specialists we use are fluent in English. Many of them speak several other languages as well.
  6. Scalable: our recruitment teams can be scaled up or down to meet your current hiring requirements.
  7. Reliable: the IT recruitment specialists we use have proven track records and you can depend on them to provide the services you need.

Our company has an effective process for hiring IT staffing specialists that consist of the following steps:

  1. Provide us with your requirements: we will talk with you via phone or Skype to clarify your specific requirements.
  2. Candidate selection: the resumes of the most suitable candidates matching your requirements will be forwarded to you. 
  3. Conduct interviews: we arrange for you to conduct interviews of your preferred candidates by Skype or video conference. You may administer a test if it will assist you in your final selection.
  4. Final preparations: we discuss workflow and determine a start date. Once the service agreement is signed everything is ready to proceed.

In addition to remote recruiting teams we offer other BPO services including remote customer support, back office support and more.

Advantages of Setting up Tech Teams in Ukraine

Ukraine is a popular outsourcing destination for setting up tech teams. Some of the reasons that make setting up tech teams in Ukraine special include:

  • Staff gain experience quicker: Ukraine has 200,000 software professionals, many of whom work within the outsourcing industry giving them experience with many different projects. The skills of Ukraine IT specialists are on a par with those of any country in the world.
  • More programing skill for your money: salaries for IT specialists in Ukraine are substantially less than salaries in Western Europe and North America for an equivalent skill level providing an outstanding price to quality ratio.
  • Culture: the workplace culture in Ukraine is similar to that in Western countries making Ukrainian IT specialists a good fit for companies in Western Europe and North America.
  • Availability: there is only a one hour time difference between Ukraine and most of Europe and should the need arise for face to face meetings you can be there in just a few hours.
  • Communication: the majority of IT specialists have good English proficiency and many of them are fluent in several other languages as well.

To fulfill your IT staffing needs contact us to learn more about our recruitment processing outsourcing services!